Hell's Kitchen Rooftop

Spider-man can feel Daredevil preparing to attack and tries to talk sense into him.

“Come on Matt, let's grab a bite to eat and talk things out...”

Daredevil wastes no time and leaps across the rooftop at the webslinger. Spidey shoots his web and catches Matt's left ankle in mid-air and swings him into the side of a brick chimney.

Without hesitation Spider-man tries to tie up Matt against the chimney with more webbing but the Man Without Fear is too fast and rolls out of the way.

Daredevil ricochets his billy club off the air-conditioning unit but Spider-man easily dodges the projectile. But it was just a distraction as Daredevil lands a solid kick to the back of Spidey's head.

The evenly matched heroes wrestle on the gravel rooftop.

Daredevil pins Spider-man down, “You should not have interfered! I had things under control!”

Spider-man twists out of Matt's hold and elbows him in the temple stunning him momentarily.

“Matt, now will you listen to reason? We can do this all day and night but I've got tickets to the Deadpool movie.”

“Always the comedian, Peter. When will you grow up?”

Daredevil senses Spider-man's muscles relaxing as he takes a deep breath before delivering his comeback. Matt lands a clean punch to Spidey's jaw. Peter counters the punch but Matt's reflexes are too fast.

“My father was a boxer...remember? You can't out box me.”

“So are you gonna bite my ear off too?”

Spidey tries to escape by swinging to a near by building but Daredevil wraps his billy club around Spidey's legs and brings him down hard.

“You're not playing nice Hornhead! I'm taking my toys and going home now.”

Spider-man shoots webbing at Matt that he easily dodges.

“Loosing your edge there Peter?”

The webbing attaches to the damaged chimney behind Daredevil. Still holding onto the other end of the webbing, Spider-man pulls and brings down a pile of bricks on Matt's back.
As the smoke clears, Spider-man slowly approaches the pile of rubble.

“Matt? You ok?”

An enraged Daredevil springs out from under the bricks and tackles Spider-man off the roof. Both heroes plummet towards the street below.

Daredevil delivers blow after blow. Spidey attempts to shoot a web to stop their fall but Matt blocks the shot.

“What are you doing? Your gonna kill us!”

“I'm the Man without Fear!”

Spidey slams his hands against DD's ears with all his might causing massive ringing in Matt's head. As they are about to hit the street below, Spidey's web connects to a building across the street and he swings away. Matt throws his billy club and hits Spidey in the back sending him into the side of a moving semi truck knocking the webslinger out cold.

Daredevil lands in a dumpster safe and sound.

Daredevil wins with 1 stamina
Daredevil: 5 stats, 10 influence, 2 ATP
Spider-man: 4 stats, 5 influence, 1 ATP
Avenger's Mansion - Front Lawn

Vision phases through the front door and heads towards the X-man.
Kitty puts her hand out to greet the Android Avenger as he quickly approaches. Instinctively she goes into phasing mode and her hand slips into his chest. Vision pulls away but not before receiving internal damage.

“I'm so sorry! Didn't mean to do that.”

Her voice is sincere but Vision only sees the image of Mystique laughing at him. Vision blasts Kitty with his laser beam knocking her off balance.

As Kitty tumbles across the lawn, she phases underground and comes up behind the synthetic man and sinks her hands into his back. Vision can feel his circuits frying.

“That is a new ability you have acquired Mystique. But duplicating my ability to become intangible will not help you.”

“Wait, what? I'm not Raven!”

Kitty's confused and let's down her guard long enough for Vision to land a punch that knocks her across the front yard.

Shadowcat is furious and gets up to brush off the grass and dirt.

“I didn't come here to fight you and I'm NOT Mystique! I'm Catherine Pryde, the X-man known as Shadowcat! Check your Avengers file!”

But the glitch in Vision's program processes Kitty's data as Mystique. As the two emotionally charged phasers go head to head, each one becomes intangible as they phase through each other.

Vision's circuits pop and fizzle as Kitty drops to the ground. Her head is spinning and nausea sets in her stomach.

“Uuughhh....that was painful! What did you do to me?” as she throws up her lunch.

Vision's internal backup system kicks in and starts to repair the damages.

“Your ability to phase may disrupt my mechanical body but the ability to control my density allows me to disrupt your human body.”

As Kitty staggers to her feet, Vision shoots a wide solar beam from the jewel on his forehead. Shadowcat is temporarily blinded as Vision delivers another blow.

“I can easily take you down Mystique, but for all the pain and death you have caused... I'd rather beat you down with my bare hands!!!”

Kitty's thoughts are racing as her body is riddled with pain, “That doesn't sound like the robotic voice I'm use to hearing. He's actually angry.”

Vision slams her into the Mansion wall. Kitty gasps for air as blood trickles from her nose. Her blurry eyesight catches the silhouette of the Android Avenger towering over her.

“Wait...you, you're making a terrible mistake...”

“You are the one that is mistaken!”

Vision's final words echo in Kitty's mind as he delivers the final blow.

Vision wins with 7 stamina
Vision: 5 stats, 10 influence, 2 ATP
Shadowcat: 4 stats, 5 influence, 1 ATP