The director continued filming as Wade, in one of his delusions, tackled the actor in the Creature costume. The Creature, also a stunt actor, flipped Deadpool off of him and tried to run off. Wade sliced the man's foot, causing him to fall. The Creature picked up a fake rock and threw it at Wade, connecting with his face. Deadpool calmly took a gun out and shot the man in the shoulder. Through his mask, his screams sounded like a war cry from another world.

“It must be mating season!” Wade exclaimed.

The Creature, now fully enraged, tackled Deadpool into the tank of water. Wade pistol whipped the man, but the creature retaliated with a head butt. The Creature wrestled Deadpool's own weapon and somehow performed his own special move, shooting Deadpool in the face and then holding his head underwater until the bubbles stopped.

“Cut!” yelled the director.
The clown, Harley Quinn, was making her way through a musty, Gotham mansion, looking for something to steal. She was surprised that in the basement was a newly opened coffin.

“Vhat are you doing?” a voice from behind her asked.

“EEEEP!” she screamed and turned with her hammer, knocking him down. “Holy crap. Are you Dracula?” she squeeled.

“No,” he said. “But I am of him.” He rushed up with super speed and slammed her against the wall. The vampire went for a bite, but she head butt him. He shook it off and looked into her eyes. “You vill do vhat I tell you,” he said, grabbing her in his hypnotic spell. When she nodded, he backed away. “Headbutt the vall.”

Harley nodded and began to drive her head into the wall behind her over and over. After several seconds of this, she turned with a bloody smile. “You know, this ain't half bad. I do this sometimes when I'm bored.”

In anger and her sheer will and insanity, he lunged at her. She dodged and slammed his face into the wall where her's had been. Harley performed a FLIP KICK stunning the vampire and then readied himself. She picked up her massive hammer and broke it over his spine. With only the broken, wooden handle in her hand, she flipped him over. “Buffy ain't got nothing on me, kid,” she said with a laugh before dusting the vamp.
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The Creature

The Black Lagoon

Count Dracula
The werewolf busted into the cabin and went right for Magneto, ignoring his companion. Magneto through up a force field which the beast bounced off of. “Run!” he ordered as he blasted the wolf back. He pulled up various pieces of metal and pierced them through the werewolf's body, but it just shrugged it off and tackled the mutant to the floor. He began to bite and slash at Magneto, cutting through his armor. Erik was picked up and tossed into the fireplace, his cape catching fire. He took it off and tossed it to the side.

The wolf continued his assault, but Magneto levitated a fireplace poker and sent it flying through his shoulder. He yelped with pain, but pulled it out of his body. Magneto tried to blast him, but the werewolf ducked under it and slammed into Erik. What followed was an attack unparallelled horror. With dozens of slashes and bites, Magneto was barely alive. He used his own helmet to knock the beast back, but it barely stopped him. He picked Magneto up and slammed him against the ceiling and then the floor, until the mutant lost consciousness in his grasp.
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