The Role Play University


Okay, newbies, class is in session. Welcome to the Role Play University. Here, I am going to give you tips and pointers on how to make a great, quality role play. Every role play should follow these simple guide lines I am about to lay down for you.

1) Make sure your role play is 25 sentences long at the very least. If it's 19, it's not good enough, school boy. You shouldn't even have to worry about the 20 sentence thing either, you should just be writing a great story and some good's very very easy to go over the 20 sentence limit. Heck, most of my role plays are over 100!

2) Always stay in character. Let me reiterate that...ALWAYS STAY IN CHARACTER! That means that you have to act like the character you have chose. If you are Superman, you're not gonna go around saying, "F*** this, f*** that!" You're not going to murder people either. Superman's a good ol' farm boy with high moral standards...much like Captain America. If you're the Punisher, that another story entirely, he kills the bad guys for giving him lip. So please stay in character.

3) Always punctuate your role plays. PUNCTUATE PUNCTUATE PUNCTUATE! Make sure you capitalize  things that need capitalization. I cannot stress how annoying it is to read a role play that is not punctuated correctly. You have a brain, so use it! Secondly, never use computer lingo in a role play. That means when you're referring to someone you can't say, "u" substituting for the word, "you". You can't say "n e" for the word, "any." Here, I'll make a chart for you. The incorrect usage will be first and the corrected usage will be the second.

1. N E=Any
2. NE1=anyone
3. i=I
4. u=You
5. r=Are

That is a short little chart just to show you to use proper English in your role plays.