General Rules

"YOU WILL FOLLOW THESE RULES                                         OR YOU WILL PERISH!!!!!!!!"


  • You may only have one character at a time.
  • This character has to be from a main comic book publisher such as Marvel, DC, Image, etc. Their primary medium has to be comic books. They can't be a movie or video game character that might also be in a comic book, such as Star Wars.
  • You may only switch to a different charcter 4 times, unless you buy an item from the mall that lets you do it again.
  • The OOC Board is for Out of Character discussion only. Use it to set up fights and roleplays with other characters or to talk about comic news or events.
  • You may form a Team with other characters on the site. Minimum is 2 characters per team.


  • You have to post at least one role play(RP) a week to remain active and get a fight. A standard, accepted Roleplay is 25 sentences long.
  • RPs must be posted before midnight CST on Saturday night/Sunday Morning to be counted for that week.
  • Stay in character while roleplaying and freely use characters and NPCs that would be available for your character. Examples would be Spider-Man using Mary Jane or Aunt May or Superman using Lois Lane or Jimmy Olsen.
  • Anyone who goes a month or more without RPing will be removed form the site for inactivity and their character made available for others. If you want to avoid this, you need to stay active or let one of the Mods know you will be busy.


  • Set up a battle with another player through the OOC Board or by contacting the person through email. The two of you will both Roleplay what leads up to the fight, such as why it is occuring and where.
  • When a Mod asks for Battles on a Friday, post yours in that thread on the OOC Board. List your character, your opponent, and the location of the fight for that week. An example would be "Spider-Man vs. Superman @Daily Planet."
  • Fights are rolled with a variety of dice, depending on the type of fight and how many people are in it. The rolls are fair and random. No one is given special prevaliges during a fight roll.
  • A fight consists of a d20 being rolled to determine which of the two fighters is attacking. A normal hit is 1-9 or 11-19. A 10 or 20 is a Special move, while a 5 or 15 activates an Archtype Special. Once this is determined, another d20 is rolled to see if the other character dodges the attack. This repeats until one of the characters no longer possesses Vitality points.


  • When you first choose your character, you need to distrubute 20 stat points between 4 categories: Stamina, Combat, Speed, and Potential. Each category must have at least 1 stat in them.
  • Reward for participating in a battle are:
Winner: 5 stats and 10 Influence and 2 ATP
Loser:   4 stats and 15 Influence and 1 ATP
  • Once you've read results for the week, you can email the mods and let them know where you would like to distribute your winnings for that week. Send you're updated stats to
  • Stats are updated on Thursday nights. If you want your stats updated for that week's fight, you will want to have your email sent in before this day