Useful Information

This page will be used to list frequently asked questions and pieces of information that people seem to forget to save people the trouble of posting on the OOC.

1) Stats E-Mail is This is the global email for all needs and concerns.

2) For those who are still looking to spice up your role plays, here is a guide to help you out:

*Note* I will be using the color BLACK for all my examples.


a) To change the color of your font (the letters):

<font color=black>

b) To change the size of the font:

<font size=2> 

*Note* 2 is the default size you can use any number.

c) To change the font it's self:

<font face=arial>

*Note* ARIAL is a font that's usualy on everyone's computer, but you can use any font on your computer. Also, take in mind that your changed font may not be seen by other readers due to the fact that they don't have that font on their computer.

d) You can combine the three in one code:

<font color=black size=2 face=arial>


To give your roleplays that added comic book feel, you may wanna use scenes from a comic, so...:


To center the image:

<center>enter the picture code</center>

*Note* First you must find the pic, then right click the image, go to properties, highlight the URL link, copy n paste.


Don't like the color green? No problem. Just use the following code:


For a stationary picture as your background, use this code:

<style type=text/css>body {background: url(http://yourbackgroundhere.jpg) fixed}</style><b style=position:absolute;left:></b>

This page will be added to as more things become apparant...If you can think of anything you often forget or if you know of any frequently asked questions, then e-mail them to: